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About Us

Gorilla Marketing is located in Vancouver, BC, focusing on two specific marketing products to bring results for small and large businesses. Through our mobile billboards and door hanger coupons, we work with you to grow your brand and increase sales. Our mission is to drive your campaign strategy through design, production and execution. We work with all our clients to drive results! We are not satisfied until our clients are – call us to discuss how we can help grow your business.

Mobile Billboards

Our affordable mobile billboards help you gain maximum campaign exposure in your chosen city or neighbourhood.
We work with you to target specific demographic groups in highly populated locations, consideration of both drivers and pedestrians.
As the billboard travels, thousands of impressions are achieved daily, increasing brand recognition and awareness resulting in increased sales.
No longer can people turn off, turn down or scroll past your advertisement.

How it Works

1. Assemble campaign

Select banner size, fleet size, length of campaign and the area you would like exposure.

2. Design & wrap

Our team designs the advertisement or you can provide a design, we then apply your ad to the desired number of vehicles.

3. Activate & monitor campaign

Your campaign hits the pavement and we monitor each drivers performance on a regular basis.

All packages include:

A banner on both sides of a truck
High quality banner with a gloss finish
Demographic targeting
Designing services

Door Coupons

Promote your business – any business, any size

We design, print and distribute your advertisement to 15,000 Homes
Grow your business in 3 easy steps!

1. Select Advertisement Size

2. Provide Coupon details

3. We do the Rest

Competition? Beat them to it!

We have a non-compete clause, you will never worry about appearing on the same door hanger as your competition.

Tight budget?

Pricing includes the design, print, distribution and GPS tracking and we can work with you to find a solution to fit your budget.

Ready to start your outdoor advertising campaign?

Mobile Billboard FAQ

Does Gorilla Marketing offer discounts for multiple vehicle campaigns?

We can work with you to make your campaign affordable and suitable. Contact us for more information.

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to have a campaign for?

Our terms are based on a three month minimum commitment.
If you require a campaign less then this minimum, please call us we can work with you to find something that will be suitable for your advertising needs.

How do you select the driver(s) for my campaign?

We work with you to select the demographic and geography you’re looking to target, along with the fleet size you want to include, and we will select the appropriate drivers that match your criteria.

How does auto-insurance work for mobile billboards?

The structure of our legal arrangement with drivers is to make them independent contractors. We contract the right to put our client’s brand on the side of their car and explicitly state that the drivers are never driving around for the sole sake of advertising – this means that the driver’s personal auto-insurance is sufficient. If an accident occurs, the drivers auto-liability coverage is sufficient.

What happens if a driver gets into an accident?

If an accident occurs, our drivers promptly notify Gorilla Marketing so we are able to inform you. The decal is removed from the vehicle and a replacement driver is used for the duration of the campaign.

How do you keep our advertisement looking fresh?

Our driver’s have bi-weekly surprise inspections to check that your ad isn’t damaged or dirty. We expect that vehicles are kept clean and have penalties if the drivers or companies fail to comply.

Does Gorilla Marketing only employ individual drivers?

We employ individual car drivers and we are also partnered with several large courier and freight companies that cover large areas of the lower mainland for maximum exposure and the ability to target large audiences.

How do you insure our advertisement is on the road and is getting exposure?

In our drivers contracts we have the provisions of bi-weekly inspections to check that your ad is being driven around the city. We record the amount of kilometers driven before the start of the campaign to make sure your advertisement will reach the intended audience.

Do you uphold my brand’s image?

At Gorilla Marketing we hold our drivers to the strongest standards. If our drivers commit an act of reckless or aggressive driving, not only are they immediately removed from the campaign, they also have to reimburse Gorilla Marketing the cost of the decal we put on their vehicle enabling us to apply the ad to another vehicle for the remaining duration of the campaign.
At Gorilla Marketing we screen, inform and educate our drivers prior to assigning campaigns. This process helps to align brand values and our drives, creating accountability and respect.
Additionally we tell the surrounding community what the relationship is between the driver, the brand on the car, and Gorilla Marketing by placing a sticker on the back of every car with a “How’s my driving” decal. It’s important for viewers to know that this is a Gorilla Marketing driver carrying a brand on their car. If the driver does not uphold your brand and our brand values it falls back on Gorilla Marketing and not your brand.

Who are you drivers?

Our drivers are reliable, safe, high-kilometre drivers looking to earn residual income.  They are supportive of the brands they are driving, have 2006 or newer vehicles, are happy to drive around with a brand on their van or car, and have consistent driving patterns.

Coupon FAQ

How much does one campaign cost?

We offer four different price points enabling us to work with every business, in every budget.
Give us a call to find out more about the opportunities and our next print dates
604-970-7602 or email

What does the pricing include?

We design, print and distribute your coupon to 15,000 homes for one low publication amount

How long does each campaign have to be?

There is no commitment or contract for our door coupon solution. You can run one publication or as many as you like and we can offer discounts for ongoing services.

Can you actually hit 15,000 impressions?

Our unique door hanger style coupon leaves the homeowners no choice but to look at and remove the hanger. In addition to the removal, our design is vibrant and inviting. We partner with businesses and brands who want to give value (real savings), so the next time our publication goes out in the area the homeowners are looking forward to receiving our unique door coupons

How do I know my coupon will actually be delivered to 15,000 home owners?

All members of our distribution team have a GPS tracking app installed on their mobile devices so Gorilla Marketing can see monitor their routes. In addition to the GPS tracking, we also have a supervisor who participates in distribution to audit deliveries.

Can a business or service in the same sector advertise on the same door hanger?

No we have a non-compete clause, you do not have to worry about direct competition.

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